Sunday, September 27, 2015

The Art of Nude by JW Purdy Episode 23 - Model shoot poor concept execution

Welcome back and thank you for your visit. In today’s episode we will be shooting again. This video was almost scraped but I thought it might be worth letting you see what happens when a concept just doesn’t work out. I had an idea in mind but due to not giving enough thought to my models skin tone the final image was not a very good one. I still think the pose works just the different and uneven tones of the models tan made for a weak photo.
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Friday, September 18, 2015

The Art of Nude by JW Purdy Episode 23 - One light nude model shoot

In this episode I would like you to join us for a one light
nude shoot. I am using a Canon Speedlight with a reflector attached to the
front. I placed a medium grid on the reflector to decrease light spill from the
flash and then put a diffuser on that so soften the light source. The result
was a soft light with very quick fall off from bright to shadow. The pose is a
very organic one and is part of an ongoing series I have been working on over
the past eight months.

Once the shoot was finished I show you how I import the
photos in to Lightroom and then the editing process. We ended up capturing two
strong photos that I worked on and I discussed the problems with lens flares in
prints. Thank you for watching and supporting my channel.

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JW Purdy

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

The Art of Nude by JW Purdy Episode 22 - High-key model shoot

In this episode we will be looking at a model photo shoot from beginning to end. I will start by taking a few test shots to get my exposure and light balance correct. Once we have the lighting correct we will proceed with taking a few photos. Then we will jump over to the computer and import the photos into Lightroom and select the photo to work on for the final output. Once the photo has been edited I will show you my export routine.

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Friday, September 4, 2015

The Art of Nude by JW Purdy Episode 21 - Emotion in art nude photos

In this episode I thought we would do something we haven’t done in a while which is break down a photo from a project other than the “My Nude Year”. I have been so focused on this project I think it may be a nice break to look at something new I have started working on.

This new project titled “Faceless, I am intentionally obscuring the models face and other details in hopes of allowing the viewer to fill in this information from their own life experiences. For the image we will be discussing tonight I wanted to convey a mood of longing or weariness.

Please leave a comment knowing what mood/emotion this image conveys to you.

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