Thursday, October 29, 2015

The Art of Nude by JW Purdy Episode 27 - Model shoot - Shooting with a c...

In this episode we well be taking two separate photos in to
Photoshop and combining them together to make the most believable photo
possible. This shoot was inspired by Shannon’s desire to shoot with our
imaginary pet crow Poe. We set up with a single light shot thru an umbrella and
positioned a birdcage near Shannon’s legs. I had her estimate the height a crow
would stand at and then gaze in that general area.

Once we had the shot taken I merged the photos together in
Photoshop and saved them back into Lightroom for the final lighting/styling

Thanks for watching,

JW Purdy

Saturday, October 24, 2015

The Art of Nude by JW Purdy Episode 26 – Model shoot – Changing pose on ...

One thing you will find after you have been shooting for a
while is that not all poses work for you or your model. For this shoot Shannon
had an idea for a photo that sounded very promising however after taking a
couple of shots we did not like the results we were getting. I quick determined
that we wouldn’t be satisfied with any shot form the pose we were attempting
and came up with another idea. When I first started out I would have several
poses in mind I wanted to capture and I would get so frustrated when things
didn’t work out. During the first year if I had an idea that didn’t work I
really didn’t know how to proceed. I would plan my shoot around one central
image and not being very experienced the photo would not be right for the model
I was working with and the shoot would fall apart. I would get flustered and everything
would just go downhill from there.

When you come up with an idea for the shoot try and select a
model similar to what ever has inspired you. A little forethought and planning
go a long way. If you are trying to recreate some Victorian painting you saw
when you were a kid don’t hire a 110 lbs. model, it’s not going to work. Having
said that just because you select the proper model for the shoot doesn’t always
mean that her proportions will be what you expected. Try to develop a backup
plan just in case you are not getting the results you are looking for. If a
shoot does go downhill no you, explain to the model you are not getting the
results you had originally wanted and ask for suggestions to work they have
done before. Most experienced models know what poses they excel at. Remember it’s
okay to have dialog with your model. If you are working with an inexperienced
model be honest and let them know you would like to shift gears. Don’t tell
them the shoot is going badly since they might think it’s their fault and your
photos will suffer. Just tell them you would like to move into a more relaxed
shoot and get some really candid shots. During the rest of your time you may
find exactly what fits them best. You can always go home and do some more
research based on the candid shoot and setup another time to meet with the
model and try again. Don’t be afraid to make a mistake. Just do your best to
regroup and move on.

Until next time,

JW Purdy

Saturday, October 10, 2015

The Art of Nude by JW Purdy Episode 25 - Model shoot Edward Weston inspi...

Welcome back to The Art of Nude. I have to apologize for the long delay in between posts. We celebrated my birthday on the 3rd and my mom came in for a surprise visit. It was very nice having her down even if it was only for the weekend. Regrettably Shannon’s grandmother died on the 2nd and we were handling all of that the best we could. The funeral service was very good and the preacher did a wonderful job.

In this episode we will be shooting with Shannon again for the My Nude Year project. For tonight’s photo we are using Edward Weston’s Nude shot in 1936 as our inspiration. This is a very famous image and was taken after his pepper No. 30 photo shot in the 1920’s. Edward Weston is a great inspiration to me as well as his grandson Kim Weston. I had the please of having Kim as a judge for a worldwide magazine competition a few years ago and he selected my work as third place. I was so honored just to have him look at my work much less give me third place.

Once the My Nude Year project is over I am going to try and look at some of the photographers that inspire me. Edward as well and Kim will be featured on the show with many other people I feel draw to. I may even try to interview a few living photographers that have shaped my vision.

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JW Purdy